Saint Louis Public Schools Paperless Pay

SLPS’s Employees: Direct deposit slip is available on the Paperless Pay self-service portal through the internet. Access the user ID secures your direct deposit slip and PIN. Form W-2s are also available on the Paperless Pay self-service portal. To access online from the Paperless Pay, you must provide consent for electronic delivery. Suppose you have already consented to an electronic W-2 on or before 8 January. In that case, you will receive an email notification from Paperless Pay informing you that your Form W-2 is available in PaperlessPay for your view and print typically by the third week of January of each year. If you do not consent for electronic delivery or consented after 8th January, your Form W-2 for this year will be printed and mailed to your address on or before 31st January. These step by step instructions are intended for use when you are accessing Paperless Pay to view and print your pay stubs and Form W-2s.

Access Paperless Pay
1. Access the Paperless Pay self-service web site at
2. Enter your employer code. SLPS employer code is 13732. Click Login. It will be displayed on the SLPS-Paperless Pay sign-in page. You can also directly access the SLPS-Paperless Pay sing on-page by heading to
3. Click on the “Click Here to Login” button.
4. Enter your Employee ID (SSN) and PIN and login.
5. If you have never logged into the Paperless Pay portal before, you will need to go through a single-sign-in with the security enrollment process to access your account. Your temporary login information is Employee ID= full social security number without dashes, and PIN= lass for digits of your SSN+ year of birth.
6. The security enrollment process will be asked to complete risk-based authentication, including remembering your device, setting a security image, selecting and providing answers for six challenging questions, reviewing and submitting the entered data.
7. Once you have reached the main menu, you can view and print your pay stubs.

Consent for W-2

1. Once you have reached the main menu, Click on W-2 SERVICES
2. Click the checkbox in the delivery selection and click on “Receive Forms Online.”
3. Read the W-2 consent disclosure page and Tick the checkbox titled “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery” and click on “Accept and Continue.”
4. Setup and verify your email address and phone number. Click on Confirm and Submit.
5. Click on Test Now. It will show a demo of your electronic W-2/PDF version of your W-2.
6. Once completed, you will receive an email from Paperless Pay confirming the consent is successful.


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