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To do something different always goes against the grain, requiring some bold and optimistic people with tenacity who are comfortable working as a team. The world is surrounded by many problems from different perspectives that we must overcome by unifying our values and determination. In the 21st century, Rivian Automotive Company came to America’s Motor Vehicle Manufacturing industry with a determination to positively influence the world. This electric and automotive vehicle manufacturer company believes when determined and adventurous people work together, it can make an impact. Currently, the primary mission and plan of the company are to stop the carbonization of the atmosphere and create an exclusive charging network in the US and Canada. So Rivian always prioritizes adventurous thinkers who like to do the impossible as collaborators who desire to find new solutions by reinventing old problems. Also, if you can constantly challenge yourself to stretch beyond conventional thinking and work comfortably in uncertainty, you are the right fit to join Rivian. You don’t need to worry about your salary, pay stubs, or W2 statements (w2s) because all employees have access to the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal, through which you can monitor and receive everything by yourself.

Explore the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal to receive your Rivian Pay Stubs & W2s

  • I hope you are now checking this article using a computer or smart device with a stable internet connection. In this case, using the updated version of Google Chrome browser on your device is better. In this Workday Employee Self-Service Portal, employees of Rivian Automotive can access securely through Microsoft’s SSO (Single Sign On) process. First, visit the portal link (https://www.myworkday.com/wday/authgwy/rivian/login-saml2.htmld) and sign in using the email and password of the account created for you by the IT Department of Rivian Automotive. Then you can access the Workday Home Page after Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  • However, you must set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) immediately upon signing in for your first sign-in. Then you will need to change your password given to you by the IT department of Rivian Automotive as it was given to you as a temporary password for first-time sign-in only. There is nothing to panic about here because all the instructions related to password change, including the formation of your new password, will be given clearly. It is not uncommon for us to forget passwords, and that’s why there is a system to set up Password Challenge Questions so that if you ever forget the password, you can reset it by answering these questions correctly. After setting up these Password Challenge Questions, click “Let’s get started” and access the Workday Home Page.
  • Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: After accessing the Workday Home Page, you will find several icons with different titles in the display area, and from there, click “Pay” or “Payroll.” After opening “Pay” or “Payroll,” you will find the “Payslips” and “My Tax Documents” options in the “View” section. Now explore the “Payslips” option to receive your Pay Stubs and the “My Tax Documents” option to receive your W2 Statements. To view the details or print your Pay Stubs or W2 Statements, you will find the “View/Print” button, which will open your document in PDF version and can print it on 8×11 size paper using a printer.


  • Bookmark the portal access link in your browser.
  • Keep a note of your email and password somewhere you can easily find if you forget them.
  • Also, note down the answers given in Password Challenge Questions.
  • Don’t forget to sign out when you’re done with the portal.

Disclaimer: The Rivian Automotive and Rivian Automotive logos are Rivian Automotive, Inc’s registered trademarks and copyrighted works.

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