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Payroll is one of the most important processes for any company because employees are getting paid by the company to perform duties. The company has to use any efficient digital system that can organize the payment and tax-related actions. The system has to track the working hours; calculate the salaries, taxes, and deductions; print and deliver the pay stubs; pay the taxes properly to the government automatically. For this purpose, OhioHealth recommends the e-source payroll portal for pay stubs and tax form management portal for w2 statements.

Get Your Pay Stub

Your pay stub is available on the OhioHealth e source portal. You can sign in easily from the portal’s sign-in page using this URL: https://ohesource.ohiohealth.com and providing your OPID and Password. Please, ask your employer for your OPID and Password because there is no way to create an account or complete the registration process on this portal.

At the time of first sign in, you may be asked to provide some information, answer some security questions, and change your Initial Password.

Moreover, you can change your password at any time with the hyperlink “Click here to change your password” located on the sign-in page providing the OPID.

Get Your W2 Statement

Your W2 statement is available on the Tax Form Management portal. So, first, navigate to https://www.mytaxform.com and complete the first step login, providing your employer code as 10473. For the login process’s final step, you have to click on the Continue button providing your User ID and then click the login button providing PIN.

Now, you are on the dashboard of the portal and can get your W2 statement.

If you are a new user, you have to perform the registration process by clicking the Register Now hyperlink from the right part of the screen after performing the first step of the login process. Provide your First Name, Last Name, SSN (Social Security Number), and Date of Birth. Then, you have to answer some security questions for your account’s security purpose and provide your contact information as a phone number and email address. Finally, set your PIN as login credentials.

Now, the dashboard of the portal will be appeared on the screen and select the W2 delivery option as “Receive Forms Online” under the “My Account” menu and read “W2 Consent,” and check the checkbox as “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery.” Then click on the Accept and Continue button. There is another option for you to activate the email notification inputting a valid email address.




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