Bergelectric Pay stubs & W2s

Bergelectric Corp. has a policy for employees to electronically provide pay stubs via direct deposit and w2 statements. So, the employees do not need to go to a bank to withdraw their payment or make a deposit. Still, the amount will be deposited automatically into the employee’s account, and they will be able to use it on payday. For this process, the company is recommending the Online Wage Statement portal.

Login Process:

Your login Page URL for the Online Wage Statements Portal is

Navigating to the login page using the Bergelectric Corp. employees’ mentioned link can log in by inputting the Username and Password. All this portal’s old or previously registered users can log in this way and have all the required documents and information.

But if you joined this company recently and are a new user of this portal, you must first complete the Initial log-in process.

Initial Login Process:

You have been provided a Username and Default Password for your initial login. If you do not have one, please collect it from your employer, or you can follow my process.

Username: Employee ID

Default Password: Last five digits of SSN (Social Security Number)

After navigating the login page using the mentioned link in the login process step as, provide the mentioned Username and Default Password and click the Login button.

Then you can reset your Default Password from the automatically appearingPasswordd changing screen, following the requirements and instructions correctly.

Pay Stubs:

A PDF version of your current pay stub is available on the dashboard, printable and downloadable. You can download and print your previous pay stubs from the Wage Statements menu. A list of your previous pay stubs in PDF format is available here. You can click on the specific date to view, download, or print your required pay stubs.

W2 Statements:

You can have your previous five years’ W2 statements under the Tax Documents menu. You can view, print or download and click on the specific year of your required W2 statement.

Password Resetting?

You may forget or have forgotten your password. In this situation, you can reset your forgotten password with the “Forgot your password?” hyperlink. Here, you have to submit your Username correctly.


Disclaimer: The Bergelectric and the Bergelectric logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Bergelectric Corp.

Wrapping Up: Please follow all the above steps with no second thought. The comment box is available for you for any confusion or more information about the Online Wage Statements login process. Thank you very much. If you like this article, please share it with your friends who need it. Stay in touch with me for more helpful information.

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