LAZ Parking Pay Stubs & W2s

LAZ Parking Pay Stubs & W2s

LAZ Parking is the largest parking management company in the United States, founded in 1981 by three childhood friends. Today, nearly four decades after its founding, the company has more than one million parking spaces in thousands of locations across the United States. LAZ parking services are usually provided in various office buildings, medical centers, hospitals, airports, college and university campuses, shopping centers, event parking, etc. So far, LAZ has come to know a little bit about parking. After briefly describing the Pay stubs and W-2 form, I will discuss how to access the pay stub and W-2 form. Pay stub is the legal proof of income of an employee, i.e., it acts as proof of employment. It usually contains a description of the gross amount, net amount, how much cane per hour ? and the amount of deduction in that particular pay period in different sectors.

On the other hand, a W-2 form is necessary for filing employees’ tax returns. It contains proof of income for the whole year and details the amount deducted from the employee’s salary in different sectors in the entire year. Tax returns are usually filed online through an agency or income tax lawyer.

  • How to access Pay Stub?

Pay stub distribution is an essential part of the payroll process. The pay stub distribution methods of different companies are different. For example, LAZ Parking distributes pay stubs to its employees through an online self-service portal. So if you are a LAZ Parking employee, you can access your pay stub LAZ parking from the Employee Self-Service Portal called This portal can easily be accessed with a network or Office 365 account. However, you can also log in using your email ID if you want, so you must submit your email ID to the HR or IT office. You will be notified of the next steps in your abandoned email.

  • How to access W-2?

As I said before, the W-2 form is necessary for filing employment tax returns. Even if you have not received your W-2 form in person, filing a tax return is an alternative way. However, under US federal law, each company will be required to distribute W-2 forms to its employees. Otherwise, organizations may face penalties or fines under federal law. However, there is no obligation under federal law regarding the distribution of W-2 forms. Therefore, the distribution of W-2 documents by different companies is also another. Most big companies follow it modern, i.e., through electronic distribution. Electronic delivery is affordable and environmentally friendly. LAZ Parking is also one company that electronically distributes W-2 forms to employees. However, only willing employees can access the electronic system because for electronic access, “Go Paperless,” i.e., consent must be provided. Otherwise, your W-2 form sends the home address by postal mail if you do not consent.

LAZ contracted with ADP to distribute W-2 forms electronically to parking staff. So you, as a respected employee of LAZ Parking, can access your W-2 form electronically from a web portal called If you want to access your W-2 form electronically for the first time, go to the same portal, complete your registration, select “Go Paperless,” and provide consent for electronic access.

Finally, for former employees, you can access your W-2 form from ADP for up to three years. On the other hand, if you need a previous pay statement, contact your local office directly. Also, let me know in the comments if any of the information published in this article is incorrect or if your company’s third party has entered into an agreement with a new organization to distribute pay stubs and W-2 forms to employees.

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