Knight Transportation Pay Stubs & W2s

To all employees of Knight Transportation, the largest truck transportation company in North America, if you have been scrambling to access your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, please stop here. Because today I have appeared here with a simple and correct solution for you. Let me tell your first that you don’t have to worry about getting W2 Statements. Knight Transportation is responsible for sending timely W2 Statements to all employees via postal mail to their filled-up addresses. However, Pay Stubs are required to be received by all employees through the self-service process. That’s why the 33-year-old Knight Transportation company created an employee self-service portal called Knight Driver Portal for about twenty-eight thousand employees engaged in truckload shipping services. Its truckload shipping services cover more than 120,000 miles daily with more than 4,000 tractors and 11,000 trailers from twenty-five terminals through a driving force of over 4,222 people. In this case, no matter where you are located, on the payday of Knight Transportation, you will receive the salary money in your account on time. You can immediately access the portal through your computer or smartphone and check your Pay Stub.

What is the Knight Driver Portal?

The Knight Driver Portal is an employee self-service portal designed by Knight Transportation for its nearly 28,000 employees involved in truckload shipping services. This portal ensures that you can access your Pay Stub and company-related information no matter where you are located. On payday, the salary is transferred to your account, and you can check your Pay Stub immediately through the portal using a computer or a smartphone. The company is improving the payroll department’s job and providing a preferred experience for their employees. It demonstrates the company’s effort to adapt to change and use data for intelligent decision-making, focusing more on strategy than action.

How to access the Knight Driver Portal to explore your Knight Transportation Pay Stubs?

At this point, acclimating the employees of any company through the use of information technology is the most intelligent decision the company will take. The world has changed, and it is always in the process of changing. In this case, human capital management software helps the company’s workforce to adapt, develop and win by working more effectively within it. Executives should always focus less on the action and more on strategy. In this regard, modern technology should be used to turn data into more intelligent decision-making and create a preferred experience for employees. Knight Transportation is constantly doing that and makes the payroll department’s job easier by giving drivers access through their Knight Driver Portal.

  • Once Knight Transportation hires you, you are authorized as a registered user on the Knight Driver Portal. Then the credentials required to access the portal or your User ID and Password have been given in the email provided by you or through your hiring manager at Knight Transportation. Then visit the Knight Driver Portal login page through this access link and complete the login with your User ID and Password. If the Knight Driver Portal system provides any initial set-up instructions or prompts for providing any information on the screen during the first login, follow them appropriately. Finally, explore your Pay Stubs from the Knight Driver Portal home page. Also, various updates, news, notices, benefits, etc., of Knight Transportation, and all your personal information, can be explored here.
  • It is ubiquitous to forget the User ID or Password of any of our accounts due to work pressure, mental stress, not keeping notes, or any other reason. And then, we have to recover that account’s User ID or Password. If you forgot or lost your Knight Driver Portal User ID, please go to the Human Resources Department of Knight Transportation and share your problem appropriately. And in the case of your forgetting Password, visit the “Forgot Password” link on the Knight Driver Portal login page and submit the User ID (driver code or training id) and last five digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). In this way, after your identity verification is successful, in the next step, create your new Password according to the instructions of the portal.

Disclaimer: The Knight Transportation and Knight Transportation logos are Knight Transportation, Inc’s registered trademarks and copyrighted works.

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