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Freedom Care, one of America’s fastest-growing home care companies in the hospital and healthcare industry, offers a unique Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) for people in Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania. Here patients can choose their relatives, neighbors, or friends as their home aides or caregivers. In this case, patients and caregivers are enrolled through a vetting process sent by an onboarding specialist from Freedom Care. And patients can get a trustworthy healthcare service from the pleasure and convenience of their son, daughter, nephew, friend, or pre-appointed trusted assistant from the comfort of their home. As a result, patients can reduce hospital trips and spend quality time with loved ones while avoiding caregiver turnover. On the other hand, those employed as caregivers at Freedom Care can earn a good salary after every shift by serving their loved ones. Patients are empowered through the Medicaid program to ensure that caregivers are appropriately paid. For efficiently maintaining the payroll process, Freedom Care has a contract with the Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub through which all employees can receive their Pay Stubs, and W2 Statements are issued to all through postal mail.

Access your Freedom Care Pay Stubs at the Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub

  • Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub is an advanced Employee Self Service (ESS) portal of a Software as a Service (SaaS) company named Empeon. The company provides all types of Human Resources services, including Time & Attendance, Payroll needs, etc., to all client companies through their skilled and professional staff. You must use Chrome or Firefox browser with a stable network connection on your device when accessing Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub to explore your Pay Stubs. Please do not use Internet Explorer or Edge as this portal does not support them; however, you can use both PC and Smart devices. To access the Empeon ESS Hub, you can reach the sign-in page using these links: or As a new Freedom Care employee, you must undergo a registration process the first time you access the Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub.
  • “Empeon ESS Hub” will send you an email inviting you to complete the registration to the email address you provided while joining Freedom Care. If you do not find any such email in the inbox of your email account, look for it in the Spam or Promotions folder. If still unavailable, please contact your HR or Payroll department and provide your email address. Then enter your registration process by clicking on the “Register Account” link at the end of the welcome message sent to you via email.
  • First, provide your full Social Security Number and click on the “Verify Identity” button. After the identity verification is successful, in the next step, provide the email address you wish to use as your login credentials for this portal. Then after clicking the “Next” button, create a safe, unique, and strong password for your account in Empeon ESS (Employee Self-Service) Hub that no one can guess in any way. Finally, enter your first and last name for your Empeon Account profile and click the “Finish” button.
  • You will get a verification mail to your email address provided in the Empeon account registration process for confirmation. So check the inbox, open the mail, and click on the “Confirm” link. You will then receive a confirmation message, and below, you will find a “Go To Sign In” link, which will take you to the Empeon ESS Hub sign-in page. After signing in, you will find your latest pay stub under “Latest Pay” from the Home Screen of Empeon ESS Hub. Navigate to the “Paystubs” menu to explore all your Pay information.

Disclaimer: The Freedom Care and Freedom Care logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Freedom Care LLC.

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