Gravity Oilfield Services Pay Stubs & W2s

Gravity Oilfield Services Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Gravity Oilfield Services Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

With the benefit of modern science, as people are moving from planet to planet, they have also been able to extract various natural resources, including oil and gas, from the soil. In the American oil and gas industry, Gravity Oilfield Services is a company that provides essential infrastructure services to companies engaged in natural gas and oil exploration and production. The company’s services include power generation and infrastructure, surface rental equipment, water solutions and infrastructure, and various custom chemical solutions committed to safe operations through experienced and skilled personnel. Employee safety is a top priority at this company, where highly qualified and rigorously trained professionals have the freedom to take any action to protect themselves in any situation on the job. Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal is a contemporary and modern system used by this company. This current Employee Self-Service Portal of Ultipro allows you to manage your employment profile and get Human Resources related information about Gravity Oilfield Services. At the same time, all of you associated with Gravity Oilfield Services can explore your payroll information and receive Pay Stubs and W2 Statements.

Access Your Gravity Oilfield Services Pay & Tax Statements at the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Assuming you are a newly hired employee of Gravity Oilfield Services Company, I am describing the instructions to access the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal in detail. First of all, you need to know about the portal access link and your sign-in credentials from your employer. According to the agreement of Gravity Oilfield Services Company with Ultipro, the access link to the portal is
  • Go to the link using any internet-connected device and input your User Name and Password. As soon as you click the “Sign In” button, your initial sign-in will be completed. However, you will not get access to everything on the portal once the initial sign-in is completed. You will need to change your initial password to a strong password and answer a few security or challenge questions to secure your account. And don’t worry at all, as the UltiPro system will prompt you to step by step with the necessary instructions on the screen. The reason for changing the initial password is that it is set as default by a combination of some information that anyone can figure out, and your account on the portal will be compromised. And through the answers you provide to the security or challenge questions, the system will verify your identity when the system suspects you or you try to change the password and allow you to access the portal. Simply put, the system will prevent unauthorized access.
  • Finally, after reaching the Ultipro Homepage, you need to click on “Menu” and go to “Myself.” You can access everything you need and manage your employment profile from here. You will get your messages or notifications in “Inbox” in the menu bar, and you can change your password by going to “Preferences.” Once you have completed your work on the portal, log out of the account through “Log out.”
  • Go to the “Pay” tab under “Myself” to explore your Pay Stubs, W2 Statements, Direct Deposit, YTD Summary, etc. You will find only your current pay stub in “Current Pay Statement” and all your previous pay stubs in “Pay History.” Clicking on any pay date will open the pay stub of that payment date, and you will see the details. At the bottom, “W-2” contains your W2 Statements for each year that will open when you click on that specific year. There are “Download” and “Print” options in the upper right corner of the document to download and print.

Disclaimer: The Gravity Oilfield Services and Gravity Oilfield Services logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Gravity Oilfield Services Inc.

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