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The idea is fundamental before starting any business. But how does this idea come about? We all know that information technology is related to developing, maintaining, and using computer systems, software, and networks for managing and distributing information. Today, business people think of technology in running all kinds of businesses, big or small. The founders of DoorDash felt the need to meet the delivery needs of a macaroon store owner while seeking feedback on a technological mobile app for small business management. In less than a decade since then, DoorDash is now America’s largest online food ordering and food delivery platform. Already facing criticism for various reasons, the company proudly leads the industry from the front while growing rapidly and continuously. Currently working in twenty-seven countries worldwide to connect merchants with their customers, this technology company prioritizes advice and bold questions from anyone. There is also an opportunity for employees to face various challenges and enrich their careers by sharing their unique ideas with the company. However, today I will discuss in detail the process of distributing Pay Stubs and W2 Statements (w2s) to all employees working at DoorDash.

Detailed discussion about your Doordash Pay Stubs & W2s

  • Currently, DoorDash deposits payments into bank accounts every Thursday through a direct deposit process with a payment period from Monday to Sunday. Employees usually get the usable amounts in their respective accounts by Friday, which they can spend immediately. Please note that sometimes the payment may take 2-3 working days to reach the bank account. However, one can take daily payments according to DoorDash’s premium feature; in this case, payments are made in 3-day arrears. You must access the merchant portal and enable Daily Payouts to receive daily payments. Suppose you want to check the details of your weekly pay statements, enable Daily Payouts, or properly verify the banking information for direct deposit. In that case, you need to access DoorDash Merchant Portal.
  • To access DoorDash Merchant Portal, go to this link ( and log in by providing your Email and Password. If you don’t have an account here yet, click the “Partner with DoorDash” link below and provide the necessary information; select “I want to become a Dasher” from the dropdown menu and click the “Get Started” button. Then follow the next steps in the DoorDash system to complete the requirements and create a strong password. After successfully logging into the DoorDash Merchant portal, firstly, you should check and update direct deposit information to ensure your payment is received on time and correctly. So, check the current banking information by clicking on the Bank Account tab from the DoorDash portal home. To update your banking information, click the edit button, save by providing your previous and new banking information, and you will start receiving payments in your new bank account. If you want to enable Daily Payouts, go to “Settings.” Then select “Get Daily Payouts” from the Daily Payouts option.

DoorDash Weekly Pay Statements: Go to the “Financials” menu to view your weekly pay statements and get a summary. Here you can download your desired pay statement in a CSV file through the “Export” menu to view the details by filtering by store and pay date.

DoorDash W2 Statements: Doordash does not provide W2 Statements for employees. However, if an employee earns $600 or more, Doordash provides a 1099-NEC form for their employees. Form 1099-NEC can be submitted on tax returns as an alternative to W2 Statements, and Doordash authorities send Form 1099-NEC to employees via email.

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