Disney Pay Stubs & W2s

As a Cast Member/Employees of the Walt Disney Company, you are eligible to access the Hub where you will manage your personal information, career profile, and benefits, request to access payroll information online, and also get quick access to daily tasks and all other Disney data form anywhere. Logging into The Hub is your primary tool to access information through Disney. More specific information may be obtained from your manager and the Disney intranet.

Logging In

  1. To log in to the Hub, open you’re a web browser and go to thehub.disney.com/wdw.
  2. Enter your company email or eight digits personnel number. [the company email address provided by your manager and the personnel number is printed on your badge]
  3. Enter your password. Click on LOGIN WITH MYID.

Opt in to view online

To view your pay stubs and W2 statement online, you must complete an opt-in request through D Tools HR. If you have not previously opted-in, the opt-in offer is simple. To opt-in, log in to the Hub, scroll down to D Tools HR. Complete the opt-in form with a valid email address. Once you have opted-in to receive your pay stubs and W-2 statement online, do not need a request again, you will be automatically enrolled in online delivery for the future. Please note, you can opt-out at any time, but both options should be complete when connected to the Disney company network.

Report a Problem

If you have a problem logging into the Hub or the account has locked, you can contact the Disney I.T Support Center.  

Former Employees

 If you are a former Cast Member/Employees, you can call at 1-844-559-2278, then press 2, then 1, then 8, then 0, and ask for your W2 form. You will also request to change your address through this number or email at TWDC.GHRO@disney.com with your full name, SSS, Personnel Number, Email address, and the year of W-2 you need.

What you should do- if not received your W2 form/lost your W2 form

  1. At first, you have to contact with Disney HR office at 1-844-559-2278 or 321-939-7000 or email at TWDC.GHRO@disney.com or visit the payroll/HR office.
  2. You have already contacted HR, but you have not received your W-2 by the end of February; you have called the IRS at 800-829-1040 and requested an extension to file by April 15th.
  3. If you have not received your W-2 by April 15th, you must file your tax return using Form 4852.    



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