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There are different ideas and theories about the success of every famous company. A company can succeed with the entrepreneurs properly utilizing those ideas and approaches. More than four decades ago, two entrepreneurs, Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas predicted the growing customer demand for excellent food served in a quick-service environment and founded Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc. with a dream based on an idea about three properties: distinctive flavor, high-quality products made-from-scratch and festive restaurant design with friendly service. Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc. is a profoundly differentiated and rising restaurant operating and franchising company committed to serving customers the best-quality and crave-able food following southern recipes with more than 750 restaurants, 440 franchised and 319 company-owned. All the employees working under this company are provided their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software Company.

How to Login?

Bojangles Restaurants, Inc. employees have a unique, accessible URL for accessing the portal Provide your User Name and Password for logging in to this portal to access your pay stubs and w2 statements.

Forgot Your Password?

There is a “Forgot Your Password?” feature on the log-in page for retrieving your forgotten password. Provide your Username after clicking on “Forgot Your Password?” to get help resetting your password. On the other hand, you can get a password reset link by providing your Username and Company access code. Your company access code is available in the HR department.

First-time User? Complete Initial Login:

  1. Go to the login page of the UltiPro payroll portal with this link:
  2. Provide your User Name. User Name: First two letters of Frist Name + Last Name + Birth Date following the format as DDYYYY. Example: Suppose your name is James Bond, and your Birth Date is 4 January 1980; then your User Name will be “jabond041980.
  3. Provide your Initial Password. Your Initial Password for Initial Log in is your Date of Birth, following the format MMDDYYYY. Example: Suppose your birthdate is 4 January 1980. So, Your Password will be “01041980”.
  4. Click on the login button.
  5. Change your initial password following the instructions and password requirements on the screen.
  6. Select and answer any three challenge questions from the dropdown list one by one and click continue.
  7. This is your dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen. Your pay stubs and w2 or end-year tax-related documents are available now. The menu bar of this system is on the left of the screen. From here, you can manage and maintain your personal and other information, documents, and benefits.

You must use this New Password in the future every time you log in to the portal.


Disclaimer: Bojangles’ and the Bojangles’ logos are the trademarks and copyrighted work of Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.

8 thoughts on “Bojangles Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. I am trying to get my son logged in because it doesn’t seem like his payroll is correct.

    We are following the instructions for the initial log in but it isn’t working. Can you assist?

  2. I’m unable to log onto Ultipro. I’m trying to get my boys W2’s. I followed the instructions, but it said my information was incorrect.

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