Alliance Data Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Alliance Data Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

If you came here looking for Alliance Data or Comenity-related Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, then you are at the correct place right now. Because Alliance Data Systems Corporation, the renowned company in the American financial services industry, has rebranded to Bread Financial (Bread Financial Holdings, Inc.) in 2022 to streamline and simplify its functional model by reflecting transformational work. This technology-forward financial services company, known for its credit card services, offers a variety of personalized and convenient payment, loan, and savings solutions across the United States and Canada. With a mission to achieve happiness and satisfaction through simple and modern financial solutions and a vision to serve the community’s people for a better life, Bread Financial continues to move forward by being pragmatic, courageous, kind, and reliable. In the company, Okta’s ePayroll Portal is being used to keep track of payroll information by managing the personal profiles of those employees who are continuously working towards growing with responsibility while maintaining equity, embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and making a significant impact.

  • Okta ePayroll Portal is an online system that allows Alliance Data (previous) or Bread Financial (Current) company employees to access the account using a Username and Password in a single sign-on process. You can use the two access links to reach the Portal’s Sign In page. One is, and the other is Both access links will navigate you to the same destination, so bookmark any one link on your browser.
  • After you join the company, as soon as the account is ready on the Portal, you will be sent an activation link via a no-reply email which will take you to the single sign-on landing page. To sign in, you will be provided with a Username and Default Password to access the Okta ePayroll Portal by completing the single sign-on process here.

As soon as you sign in for the first time,

  • You need to set up MFA (Multi-factor Authentication). The system has a variety of MFA options that you can set up to your liking. For example, Octa Verify (via mobile app), SMS Authentication (code via text message which has to be submitted), Voice Call Authentication (code via call which has to be submitted), and security questions can be answered, and authentication can be completed.
  • Then provide your secondary email; if not, click on the “I don’t have a secondary email” option. Then select a Forget Password Question and enter its answer in the input box below. You can provide your phone number for password reset or account unlocking assistance. And since it is optional, there is no problem even if it is not given. Finally, select a security image and click the “Finish” button to reach the Octa Dashboard.
  • If the Okta system does not prompt you to change the default password, change it through the “Change Password” option by entering “Settings” from the Okta dashboard. First, go through the instructions and requirements to change your Okta password.

Pay Stubs & W2 Statements: After reaching the Okta ePayroll Portal dashboard, explore your pay stubs and W2 statements from “Home” and download and save after viewing the details.

Help: If your account is locked due to repeated login attempts with incorrect credentials or you have forgotten your credentials, click “Need help signing in” at the bottom of the login page. Then according to the problem, click on “Forgot password” or “Unlock account” and solve it according to the following instructions.

Disclaimer: The Bread Financial and Bread Financial logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Bread Financial Holdings, Inc.

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