3m employee Pay Stubs & W2s

With a great history of almost 12 decades, the American multinational conglomerate company 3M enhances and touches every part of the people’s lives every day by applying their innovation. It is the largest manufacturing company in Minnesota, where about 95,000 employees are associated. All the employees have a great opportunity to receive the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via the online self-service portal.

Here are two self-service portals as My Workday portal is for pay stubs and the Paperless Employee portal for w2 statements.

How to get access into the Workday Portal?

This is a Private Network System. You can enter into this portal while you are an authorized or approved user according to the policies and contract terms, and then you can sign in with your valid sign-in credentials.

Go to the sign-in page using the URL https://www.myworkday.com/3m and sign in to the portal using your credentials provided by the 3M authority.

Now, here is available your pay stubs, career, time off information, Health System benefits like health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance, etc. You can find your pay stubs under the Pay menu item from the Profile page. From the Payslips tab, you can view or print your pay stubs.

If you are a first-time user, you have to change your initial password or key, and you may be asked to setting up security questions and answers. You have to provide your personal information, contact information, and present address properly and update your contact number and address regularly because of changing for any reason.

Enrolling the direct deposit option is mandatory on this portal. If you face any problem, then you should contract with your employer or Human Resource Office.

How to get access into Paperless Employee Portal?

Log in with your User ID and Password from the paperless employee portal’s login page using this URL: https://www.paperlessemployee.com/3M through a network-connected device and print or download your W2 statement.

If you do not have a User ID and Password for this portal, you must create an account first.

So, from the login page, click on the “Create Account” option and complete the authentication process providing all the required information. Then, you have to provide your personal information according to the requirements. After that, you have to create your unique User ID and Password following the instructions and requirements provided on the screen. You also have to answer three security questions for your future verification process and verify your contact information providing on the definite field. You have to select your electronic statement notification option and set up your pay statements receiving option as a final point.




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