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Goodyear Employees: Your W-2 statements are stored in Paperless Pay/Tax Form Management system as part of your payroll and compensation information while employed at Good Year. Therefore, you can check your Form W-2 for the previous and current year. Current year’s W-2 statement will be mailed to your home address around January 31st unless you consent to online delivery. Once you have given a consent for online delivery, no need again. If you did not provided a consent before 20th January, the consent will not work for this year’s W-2. If you leave Good year, the W-2 statement will be mailed to the last address you provided in self-service. However, you can choose to receive these statements electronically by providing consent in the Tax Form Management portal.

Get your W-2 online
Don’t waste time at the mailbox waiting for your Form W-2 to be delivered. The best way to access your Form W-2 is online by following these instruction below-

To log on to your paperless pay account, visit the following website and enter the information listed below:

Web Address:
Employer code: 10521
User name: full SSN without dashes
PIN: use the PIN that you have update during security enrollment. First time login, use your temporary PIN number which is 8 digits, combine with SSN and DOB that provided by your Payroll office.

If this is your first time login, the system will prompted your to complete the security enrollment process.
Once inside the Paperless Pay portal, use the navigation pane in the Main Menu on the left W-2 service to view/print your W-2.

Consent to online W-2
To consent, click on W-2 service on the main menu and select “Consent for online delivery.
Read the W-2 consent for online delivery instructions and click the check box “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery”. Click on Accept and Continue.
In the next step, you may elect to have an automatic email notification sent to you when your current Form W-2 is available. Therefore, setup and verify notification email and phone number and click on Confirm and Submit.
Now that your consent are set, click on Test Now to ensure that pdf file will open.

Help Line: if you have any difficulties access Tax Form Management website, or need to reset your account call a Tax Form Management representative at 1-877-325-9239.

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