Trinity Health Pay stubs & W2s

Hey, dear Trinity Health employees and staff, it is a matter of great news that your pay stubs and w2 statements are available online now. Today, in this article, I have wished to arrange all the information about your organization’s pay stubs and w2 statements. I hope you will be helped by this article for getting your pay stubs and w2 statements easily. So, please, follow the processes properly.

Workday Self Service Portal

Nowadays, Trinity Health Organization is recommending the Workday portal (URL: as Human Resource and Payroll system, which is a cloud-based application can be accessed in 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for payroll and tax-related information and documents as well as benefits, performance reviews, recruiting, and talent management.


For logging into the portal, you have to use the same User ID and Password that you are using toward logging into the office computer.

Get your Documents:

After logging in successfully into the portal, you have to click on the ‘Pay’ option for getting your desired information. You can view, print, or download a pdf copy of your electronic pay stubs and w2 statements.

For getting your electronic w2, you have to opt-in for ‘electronic only w-2’. If you already missed to opt-in for ‘electronic only w-2’, then you will be mailed a paper copy of your w2 statement within 31st January at your postal address recorded on your workday profile. And reprint will not be available till 15 February.

Mobile Access:

You can get access to the portal through the mobile application (Workday for iOS or Workday) using a network-connected tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android only) at any time (24/7) from anywhere.

ADP – iPay Portal

Some Trinity Health Ministries are distributing the electronic earnings statements through iPay Statements. Employees and staff can access, view, and print the payroll and tax-related documents via ADP iPay Portal using web-based technology.


Here, you have to log in, providing the User ID and Password for getting access to your documents from the log-in page (URL: of the portal.

First time users have to go through the following registration process:

  1. Clicking on the REGISTER NOW button from the login page provide your Registration passcode (Please, collect from your employer).
  2. Provide the required information manually or import from Capital One bank account.
  3. Now create your unique User ID, Set a strong password, answer three questions selecting from a drop-down list, select the ‘I agree’ checkbox, and click on the Register button for completing the registration process.
  4. Finally, provide your contact information and activate contact devices with phone numbers and Email verification.

Now you can easily log in to ADP iPay Portal with your User Id and Password.


Workday portal

ADP iPay Portal

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