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Stillwater Mining Company is providing different kinds of needed information for the employees on their website like pay schedule, direct deposit information, tax information, benefits etc. You can find these in the employee info section of Stillwater Mining Company website. But if you want to know about your pay stubs and w-2 statements then you have to get access in to my e-stub online portal of Paperless Pay Corporation through your my e-stub account. If you sign up in this portal then you won’t have to wait for the post office mailing but you can get your pay stub and w-2 statements instantly on this portal which is much secured and any time at 24 hours 7 days in a week in the whole year. If you want you can view and print your pay stub and w-2 statements from this portal accessing from any computer with internet connection. You can activate text messages for your deposit amounts also.

How to sign up and get your pay stub and w-2 statement

  1. Go to Paperless Pay Corporation portal link:
  2. Click on Employee Portal option.
  3. Input your Username. Your Username will be STILL + Employee Number + First 4 letter of your First Name.
  4. Input your Default Password. Default Password: STILL001 (Use upper case letters and Password is case sensitive) Then click on Login button.
  5. Now create your own Password according to your wish following the requirements: (a) Password length 8 – 20 characters, (b) At least 1 Upper case letter, (c) At least 1 Lower case letter, (d) At least 1 number and (e) Must have 1 special character as example: ! @ $ % & * ? etc.
  6. In this step select your favorite Security Questions from drop down list and answer them in the text box.
  7. Now select your Email Delivery Option. You can confirm two email addresses with confirmation code and can get alert with a notification when your pay stub is ready or can get a Password protected PDF file of your pay stub.
  8. Now select your W2 Delivery Option. Select Yes option, if you like to receive, view and print your W2 statements via online. Then click on Review Consent Policies and read the Consent. Besides you have to verify your Social Security Number. On the other hand, if you want to receive your printed W2 statement via US mail then select NO option.
  9. Then activate text message notification with inputting your cellular number.

Finally you can view your pay stub from Payment Listing option. You can view details about your pay stub with clicking on TRANS ID number.

*** If you forget your Password then you can recover it with Recover Password option from the Login page providing your User ID.


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