Schnucks Pay stubs & W2s

Okta is a cloud-based, on-demand human resource and benefits administration management system that allows users or customers to quickly sign in to different applications related to any organization through a single login. Schnuck Markets, Inc. is using this system for the employees to distribute pay stubs, w2 statements, and deliver other information and benefits. After signing in to the Okta home page, it will display all the applications related to Schnuck Markets, Inc., and click the specific icon. You can access the particular application with an automatic login process, which will open in your browser’s new tab.

Some advantages of this system are like:

  1. Automated calculation of all payment types like salaries, hourly, bonuses, pay raises, increase or deduction of wages, reimbursements, overtime, commissions, etc.
  2. Accessible for authorized users to update and maintain the required information.
  3. It can be accessed at any time from anywhere.
  4. No need to visit a bank for the payment, but it will be ready for use on payday by direct deposit.

Sign in Process

First, open your internet browser and point to the Schnuck Markets’ Okta sign-in page address. Schnuck Markets’ Okta sign-in page address is

Now, provide your Active Directory Username and Password and click the Sign In button. Here, provide your alias on the username input field. If your organizational username is, then provide MPhil as the Username.

After signing in successfully, you will navigate the workday dashboard and click the ‘Pay’ app to explore and view or print your desired pay stubs and w2 statement.

Attention Please:

If you have already made a successful sign-in using the same browser, you will be displayed your security image, and for this feature, browser cookies are essential if you do not get your security image on the screen, close and reopen your browser and try again with the correct credentials.


For failing in the sign-in process, then you may not have permission. So, please contact your employer or system administrator, and you can also get at


Disclaimer: The Schnuck Markets and the Schnuck Markets logo are the trademarks and copyrighted works of Schnuck Markets Inc.

Wrapping Up: Please follow all the above steps with no second thought. The comment box is available for any confusion or information about the Okta Payroll Portal login process. Thank you very much. If you like this article, please share it with your friends who need it. Stay in touch with me for more helpful information.

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