Quest Diagnostics Pay Stubs & W2s

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, a Fortune 500 company, stands as a leading American clinical laboratory, operating across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. With approximately 48,000 employees and 2020 revenues of $9.44 billion, it serves one in three adult Americans annually. It specializes in diagnostic testing for cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, neurological disorders, COVID-19, and drug testing. Its extensive network includes over 2,250 patient service centers, 40 outpatient labs, and 160 rapid-response labs, providing daily access to over 3,000 tests. Quest’s vast clinical lab results database reveals innovative disease treatment insights, encouraging proactive health management. Its expertise in cancer diagnostics, anatomical pathology, and clinical trial testing solidifies its leadership in healthcare. Quest empowers healthcare professionals and organizations through cutting-edge connectivity solutions and remains a pioneer in innovative testing while inspiring actions that improve lives. This article explores how Quest Diagnostics employees can access their pay stubs and tax forms.

How do you access Quest Diagnostics Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

Current employees of Quest Diagnostics can easily access their pay stubs and W-2 forms through the HR Self-Service portal. This online platform provides access to vital employment information, allowing you to efficiently manage your finances and benefits.

Steps to Access Pay Stubs and W-2s Online:

  • Visit the HR Self-Service Portal: Access the portal through the secure URL
  • Login: Use your Quest Diagnostics credentials to log into the portal.

    Navigate the Dashboard: Within the portal, you can:

  • View your latest pay stub and previous stubs.
  • Update or view your direct deposit details.
  • Access your federal and state tax withholding information.
  • Download your W-2 forms.

    Explore Additional Benefits: The portal also allows you to review your benefits (medical, dental, and retirement plans), access HR policies and forms, and explore career opportunities.

Former Employees:

All former employees will receive their W-2s by mail at the last known address. Verify your mailing address on the last pay stub you received.

By regularly accessing the HR Self-Service portal, you can stay informed about your financial and employment details at Quest Diagnostics.

How to access the eHR Portal remotely?

Employees of Quest Diagnostics can securely access the eHR Portal remotely from personal devices by following a few straightforward steps. Here is a guide to help you navigate the authentication process using your Remote Access Card (RAC) or eGrid card.

Step-by-Step Guide:

    Click on “Enter” for Employees:

  • Begin by locating the “Enter” button for employees on the eHR Portal’s login page.

    Log in with Your Credentials:

  • Enter your Quest Diagnostics username and password to start the authentication process.

    Authenticate with Your RAC/eGrid Card:

  • As an additional security measure, you’ll need to authenticate with your RAC/eGrid card.
  • The card serves as a second authentication step, ensuring secure access to Quest systems remotely.
  • For first-time users off the Quest network, input your RAC/eGrid card details and answer the security questions prompted. You may also be asked to create a new password, so make sure to write it down for future reference.

Using the Quest Sam Mobile App:

    Download the App:

  • The Quest Sam mobile app provides quick, secure access to your RAC/eGrid card. Download the app to your mobile device for easy storage and access.

    Access Your Card:

  • Use your regular Quest credentials to log into the Quest Sam app. Your RAC/eGrid card is available within the app, offering a seamless authentication experience.

Important Notes:

    Off-Network Restrictions:

  • Off-network users will not have access to Workforce Central or HR requests via the portal.

    VPN Security:

  • The RAC/eGrid card acts as a critical security protocol for remote access, ensuring secure connections through a VPN on Quest-issued computers or personal devices.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I access the HR portal?

A: Visit and click the “Enter” button in the Employees section.

Q: How do I sign in to the HR portal?

A: Visit and click the “Enter” button. If accessing the portal off the Quest network, you’ll need to authenticate with your RAC/eGrid card.

    Click “Enter” in the Employees section.

    Log in with your Quest Diagnostics username and password.

    Authenticate with your RAC/eGrid card.

Note: Off-network users can’t access Workforce Central or HR requests through the portal.

Q: Do I need a work computer for open enrollment?

A: No, the HR portal is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

Q: Can I access the HR portal on my smartphone or home computer?

A: Yes! The HR portal can be accessed anywhere. Visit, click on your employer’s logo, and log in with your network credentials.

Q: What if I need help accessing the HR portal?

A: Contact the HR Service Center at 800-877-7484.

Q: How can my spouse or adult benefits recipient access the HR portal’s guest feature?

A: They can visit, click on the Enter in the Guests fields, and access high-level benefits information.

Q: What is ALEX©?

A: ALEX© is your virtual benefits counselor. It guides you to the best plans for your family. Find ALEX on the HR portal’s home page at

Q: What happens if I miss the open enrollment deadline?

A: If you don’t act by November 15th, your current plan will continue into 2025, except for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), which require annual re-enrollment.

Q: How do I enroll or make changes?

A: Starting October 30th, visit and click the link to the 2025 benefits open enrollment page. Click “Enroll in, review, or update benefits” and complete it by November 15th.

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