Pepsico Pay stubs & W2s

You are visiting here to become a PepsiCo employee, Right? And You are probably searching for your pay stubs and w2s related information, and I am here to help you by providing your required information. Global food and beverage leader PepsiCo, Inc. offers employees access to its employee self-service (ESS) portal, MyPepsiCo. All the employees can access the portal through the register and login process to receive the pay stubs and manage their personal and contact information.

Get your Pay Stubs

As I said, your pay stubs are available on the MyPepsiCo portal, and you can receive them through a direct login process by providing your User ID and Password from the login page using

But new users have to complete the registration process first. To complete the registration process, click the “First Time User?” hyperlink from the log-in page and provide your GPID (Global Personnel ID).

Then provide all the required information, like date of birth, SSN (Social Security Number), etc. From the next screen, create your password. You have to answer some security questions needed to reset your account and password.

Now you can log in to the portal at any time from anywhere with the User ID and Password for receiving your pay stubs.

Get Your W2 Statement

PepsiCo employees’ W2 statement is available on the Tax Form Management portal. Go to the login page using and click the Login button providing your employer code: 11126. Finally, you must click the Continue button providing your User ID, and the login button providing your PIN.

This is your dashboard, and you can receive your W2 statement.

All the new users have to perform the registration process by clicking the Register Now hyperlink from the right part of the screen after providing the employer code. Now, provide your First Name, Last Name, SSN (Social Security Number), and Date of Birth. Answer some security questions for your account’s security purposes and provide your contact information as a phone number and email address. Finally, complete the registration process by creating your PIN.

For receiving your W2 Statement, electronically select the W2 delivery option as “Receive Forms Online” under the “My Account” menu and read “W2 Consent,” and check the checkbox “I understand and accept the terms for consenting for online tax form delivery.”


Disclaimer: PepsiCo and The PepsiCo .logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of PepsiCo, Inc. Wrapping Up: Please, try to follow all the steps presented above with no second thought. For any confusion or more information about The My PepsiCo Employee Portal and Tax Form Management Portal login process, the comment box is available for you. Thank you very much. If you like this article, please share it with your friends who need it. Stay in touch with me for more helpful information.

22 thoughts on “Pepsico Pay stubs & W2s

  1. I’m trying to get my w2 to do my taxes this year, I’m a former employee and don’t know how to access it.

  2. Former employee. Every time I enter my information SSN, address, etc, it wants verification for either phone or email, but both email and phone number are no where near close to my contacts. I choose “none of these methods work, and it still gives me bogus contact verifications that are foreign to me and so I would not be able to access them. What gives?

  3. I am a former employee that is attempting to obtain my W-2 for 2022. I have attempting to register online, but system continues to reject every user ID attempt with “not available, try again”. I have tried a dozen times all with same result.

    1. Have you had any luck getting in? I’m in the same boat trying to get my W-2 and can’t seem to get in.

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