How to Get ShopRite Pay Stubs & W2 Online

How to Get ShopRite Pay Stubs & W2 Online

ShopRite is a prominent cooperative of supermarkets based in Keasbey, New Jersey, under the ownership of Wakefern Food Corp. Operating across six states—Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania—ShopRite boasts over 321 locations. This network is managed by 50 individually owned affiliates, with Wakefern itself directly owning 28 stores. The cooperative has been a significant player in the Northeast U.S. grocery market, maintaining its status as the largest food retailer in New Jersey for nearly 70 years and leading in the New York metropolitan area. Since 2011, it has also topped the grocery market in Greater Philadelphia. Recognized for its trustworthiness, ShopRite was named the “Most Trusted Grocery Retailer” in the Northeast by a 2022 Newsweek survey. Among its notable operators, the Saker family owns the most stores, with 40 locations across several New Jersey counties. This article explores how both current and former ShopRite employees can access their pay stubs and tax statements, including Form W2.

ShopRite Pay Stubs & W2s

How you access your tax forms and pay stubs from ShopRite will depend on your employment status. Current staffs can access their pay stubs and tax forms from the Wakefern Employee Self Service Portal, while if you are an ex-employee, you can access your W-2 form from Paperless Employee. Generally, when an employee is laid off or on layoff, they are paid their dues through a final paycheck. However, if for any reason they need historical pay stubs, then they have to go to the Human Resource Office and apply accordingly. At the outset we will discuss how current employees of ShopRite can access their pay stubs and tax forms-

Pay Stubs & W2s for Current Employee

    Navigating to the Portal:

  • Employees need to first visit the ShopRite/Wakefern self-service portal at This portal serves as the central hub for accessing personal employment-related data.

    Logging In:

  • To access the portal, employees are required to log in using their 5-digit Employee ID and Wakefern password. First-time users must reset their temporary password through the Password Self-Service Portal at, where they will follow prompts to establish a permanent password.

    Accessing Pay Stubs:

  • Once logged in, employees should click on the Pay Worklet to navigate to the Pay Statements screen. Here, they can select the pay stubs they wish to view by checking the box in the Full Statement column and then clicking the View/Print Selected Pay Statements button located at the top or bottom of the screen.

    Retrieving Year-End Tax Statements:

  • For year-end tax documents, employees should click on the W2 worklet and select “Access Current Year-End Statements.” They must check the necessary boxes to select the required tax statement and choose their preferred delivery method before clicking the “DOWNLOAD (PDF)” option.

Important Notes on W2 Form Delivery:

    Non-Electronic W2s:

  • If an employee has not opted to receive their W2 electronically, the form will be mailed to their registered home address. It is crucial to ensure that this address is up-to-date to avoid any delivery issues.

    Electronic W2s for Future Years:

  • Employees who opt-in for electronic delivery now will be able to access their W2 forms electronically for tax year 2024 and onwards. However, they will not be able to view their 2023 W2 electronically within the current year.

    Handling Undeliverable W2s:

  • If a W2 form is sent to an undeliverable address, it will be redirected to the employee’s store location, where it can be picked up from the Bookkeeper.

Year-End W2s for Former Employee

As a former employee of ShopRite, you can access your year-end tax statement through the paperless employee self-service portal, but this requires consenting to electronic W2 access. To opt for electronic delivery of your W-2s, you must register for this service. If you already opted for electronic tax statement delivery during your initial account setup, there’s no need to register again.

    Initial Portal Access:

    Account Creation:

  • If it’s your first time using the portal, select the “Create Account” button located on the right side of the screen. You must enter your Employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth to authenticate and create your account.

    Setting Up Your Account:

  • After authentication, you’ll be required to fill in necessary fields to set up your account, including creating a User ID and password. An approval code will be sent to a contact method on file for you to proceed.

    Security and Verification:

  • You must add security questions and answers for added security. Additionally, you will need to verify your primary personal email address, and optionally, an alternate email address or cell phone number.

    Notification Settings:

  • Choose how you wish to receive notifications about your electronic statements and save these preferences in your account settings.

    Account Confirmation:

  • Once all steps are completed, your account setup is finalized. You will get a confirmation email from

    Accessing W2 Forms:

  • When ShopRite releases the year-end tax statements, you can access them by navigating to the Year-End Tax Statements section or by clicking on Access Current Year-End Statements from the main section of the home page.

    Downloading W2 Forms:

  • To download your W2, select the required tax statement by checking the appropriate box and then click the Review & Complete Order button to download the form.

Additional Information for Former Employees:

    Electronic Delivery Consent:

  • Consent for electronic W2 access is mandatory for using this service. If you previously registered for electronic delivery when setting up your account, there is no need to do so again.

    Access to Historical Documents:

  • Once registered for electronic delivery, you can view, download, and print both current and past W2 forms, making it easy to manage historical tax documents.

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