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Goodwill Industries International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization providing different kinds of services like education, job training, and career services for the helpless, homeless, and underprivileged and physical, mental, and emotional disabilities people. Goodwill has worked with more than 38 million people to get self-confidence, grow the power of creativity, and become self-reliant. Goodwill’s mission is to improve people’s honor and worth of life by encouraging their communities, reducing their obstacles to opportunity, and assisting them to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Goodwill (central Texas)

About 60 years ago, Goodwill Central Texas started a journey focusing on the goal of “empowering people to work.” At present, it is continuing the journey with the same goal for the backward people.

Payroll & Benefits: Employees under Goodwill Central Texas are getting their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro Payroll portal at

Time & Attendance: For updating your time and attendance, you have to log in here ( with your user name and password.

Goodwill (Southern & Western Colorado)

Goodwill of southern and western Colorado is known as Discover Goodwill. According to the number of helping people by Discover Goodwill, it is one of the top 10 Goodwills in the United States and Canada.

Employees are providing pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate software through After logging in successfully to this portal through user name and password, you will get all payroll related documents and information on the dashboard.

Goodwill (Northwest North Carolina)

Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina, Inc. is providing Goodwill services since 1926. This company distributes the pay stabs and w2 statements using Intranet service through the Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina, Inc. website via this URL: Employees can log in with the username and password previously knowing from the employer.

Goodwill (Kentucky)

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc. is also recommending the UltiPro payroll portal of Ultimate Software for the employees to get the pay stubs and w2 statements. The portal link is From here, employees can download or print the pay stubs and w2 statements and maintain their personal information and manage other benefits.

Goodwill (New England)

Goodwill New England is reaching over 50k square miles in Maine, New Hampshire, and northern Vermont. Here, more than 2k employees are working for the welfare of about almost 30k peoples at 75 locations. All the employees are encouraged to use the UltiPro payroll portal with a specific URL: Employees are directed to log in with the provided credentials by the employer for getting the desired documents.

Goodwill (Southwestern Pennsylvania)

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is working for the mission of Goodwill, Inc. at Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Fayette, Greene, Washington, Westmoreland of southwestern Pennsylvania, and Barbour, Harrison, Lewis, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, Randolph, Taylor, Upshur of north-central West Virginia. More than 1000 employees are associated with the mission under this franchise. Employees under this franchise are distributed the pay stubs and w2 statements with this link: using Microsoft’s Share Point platform. Employees can log in with Microsoft work account credentials provided by the employer or the HR Department.

Goodwill (Minnesota)

Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is leading for more than 100 years to provide the services. At present, there are over 50 retail stores under this franchise. Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is also sending the pay stubs and w2 statements to the employees via the UltiPro payroll portal. The payroll portal login page URL is

Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio Inc.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio Inc. encourages the employees to get the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via the UltiPro Payroll Portal through a unique URL provided by the postal authority. Employees are trained or supported by the payroll associates for getting access to the portal via login for receiving the pay stubs and w2 statements.

Goodwill (Memphis)

Memphis Goodwill Inc. is working for Goodwill’s mission for almost 100 years, and it has developed an exceptional self-funding system through collecting and reselling used donated goods. Nowadays, this franchise is working in north Mississippi besides Memphis. Employees under this franchise are delivered the pay stubs and w2 statements electronically via UltiPro Payroll System at

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