Gardaworld Pay stubs & W2s

The GardaWorld Corporation needs to generate, print, and distribute about 100000 copies of pay stubs (bi-weekly) and w-2 statements (per year). There are needed a huge number of papers to print, special envelope to mail, and extra cost for postage. Overall, it is a matter of a huge cost that is not eco-friendly because many trees are needed to cut for producing the papers. Thinking about these matters, the company has decided to distribute the pay stubs and w-2 statements through the online employee self-service portal.

Now, the GardaWorld Corporation recommends the GardaWorld Employee Self-Service Portal for the Security and Cash Services Canada and Team Ehub Employee Self-Service Portal for the Security Services U.S.

Advantages of Online Self Service portal:

  • Secure and electronic access at 24/7
  • Get Email notification when your document is available
  • View and print your documents from anywhere
  • Update your personal and contact information
  • Get payroll and employment-related information

Now, I am discussing the two different self-service portals for GardaWorld employees:

GardaWorld Employee Self Service Portal

All the employees are associated with the “Security and Cash Services Canada” recommended this portal. You can reach the portal login page using this URL: and can log in with the identification and password provided to you.

If you are a new user, you should reset the password following the “New user/Reset password” link. Here, you have to provide some valid information like email, employee number, last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number), postal code, phone number, and date of birth following the format ‘yyyy-mm-dd.’ Clicking the “reset” button you can create your new password following the system instructions properly.

Now, you can log into the portal proving your identification and new password for receiving your pay stubs and w-2 statements and maintaining your other information.

Assistance: For any kind of problem you face or technical assistance, you can communicate at

Team Ehub Employee Self-Service Portal

“Security Services U.S.” employees are recommended the “Team eHub Employee Self-Service Portal” of Team Software Company for receiving the pay stubs and w-2 statements electronically. This portal URL is

First, you have to complete the registration process for creating your password, and then you can log in to the system for receiving your documents.

So, navigating to the login page, provide your User ID (you will be provided or collect from your employer) and click the Register button. Then, provide your birth-date and SSN (Social Security Number) for verifying your identity. Now, log in to the system creating your password following the instructions and fulfilling the requirements.

This is your first time logging in, so you will be prompted to set up your w-2 delivery option as W-2 paper or W-2 ehub and submitting your consent you have already completed the registration process.

From now, you can log in directly from the login page providing the credentials and can receive your documents normally.

Disclaimer: The GardaWorld and the GardaWorld logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the GardaWorld Corporation.

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