Elite Force Staffing Pay Stubs & W2 Statements

Elite Force Staffing Company intends to be the elite in the Construction Staffing Industry. It has been recognized for providing the most qualified and talented candidates by searching, screening, hiring and placing in different sectors like Commercial, Industrial, Material Handling, and Renewable Energy of other organizations in the construction industry. Elite Force Staffing Company distributes the pay stubs and W2 statements using the Doculivery Online Document Management System, which is very secure, completed, and updated. Besides, employees can update their essential personal and contact information and know about benefits, time offs, and employment-related information.

How to Login?

Log in to the portal with your login credentials as a User ID and Password, navigating to the login page through a network-connected device using this URL: www.Doculivery.com/eliteforce.

Now, you will be on the portal’s dashboard and can view or print your documents, information, etc.

NB: For retrieving your forgotten Password, click on the hyperlink “Forgotten Password?” and follow the instructions after entering your User ID.

Log-in process for First-time users:

Step 1: Initial Log In Log in with your Initial User ID and Initial Password from the login page of Elite Force Staffing Company on the Doculivery portal using www.Doculivery.com/eliteforce. Here, the Initial User ID is Social Security Number (SSN), and Password is the first name + last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN).

Step 2: Change Initial Password: System will provide a password-changing screen automatically from where you have to change the Initial Password following the requirements and instructions.

Step 3: Answer Security Question:  System will provide a list of some security questions in a dropdown menu. Answer and save five security questions from the dropdown menu and save all provided information.

Step 4: Set Up Electronic Delivery Option: Set up your W2 Delivery option by clicking on “Yes, opt me now!”  Check on the checkbox and provide your SSN (Social Security Number) and Email address. Validate your account by submitting your email validation code or bypass validation (If you cannot get access to your Email at this moment).

You can avoid setting up at this time by clicking on “No, thanks,” but your electric W2 will not be available.

Pay stubs: Your present and previous pay stubs are available on the portal’s home page under the Pay Stubs tab with the pay date, begin date, and end date. Details information with Earnings, Deductions, Taxes, Direct deposit, etc., can be viewed or printed by clicking on the pay date.

W2 statements: Your printable or downloadable W2 statements will be available here if you have set up your W2 delivery option.



Disclaimer: The Elite Force Staffing and the Elite Force Staffing logo are the Elite Force Staffing Company’s registered trademarks and copyrighted work.

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  1. I no longer work for the Elite Force but I am needing a copy of my W2 for the year 2017 for my daughters college loan. I left a message a few days ago and haven’t received a call back.

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