Conemaugh Pay Stubs & W2s

Conemaugh Pay Stubs & W2s

Conemaugh Health is a subsidiary of LifePoint Healthcare, acquired in 2014. Founded in 1889, it is the largest healthcare provider in West Central Pennsylvania. Conemaugh Health System has three hospitals and a rehabilitation center under its network. These are Memorial Medical Center, Meyersdale Medical Center, Minors Medical Center, and Crichton Rehabilitation Center. The network has more than 3,500 employees, and more than 350 experienced doctors. Overall, it provides medical care to more than half a million patients each year on average. Hospitals in this system have repeatedly won state and national awards for their exceptional medical care. However, if you are an employee of Conemaugh Health, this article can help you. However, if you are interested in working at Conemaugh Health, you can visit their careers page at

Let’s talk about Pay Stub and then how to access it. All of Conemaugh Health’s subsidiaries follow a biweekly payroll system. As such, every other Tuesday, the employees are paid. As a conscientious employee, you should check to see if there is anything wrong with your pay stub after receiving the salary. Inform your supervisor immediately if you think something went wrong after checking. And apply for the correction of mistakes in an appropriate way. There are specific forms for application which can be found online and at the HR office.

How to access Paystub?

Your online pay stub can be accessed by logging into You can also track your PTO and access tax forms from this web site. Pay-stubs are usually posted every Thursday.

  • Go to the Online Wage Statements website for Conemaugh Health at

User Name: The E-Stub user name will consist of the 3-4 Id that can be found in your Outlook email properties- in the Alias filed under the General tab. If you do not know your 3-4 Id, please contact your manager.

Password: The initial password is your Social Security Number.

  • So enter your username and password, then click on the “Login” button.
  • If this is your first time logging in, you will need to go through three additional steps.
  • So for the next step, you need to enter your employee ID and date of birth. If you do not know your employee ID, contact your senior manager. Once entered, click on the “Submit” button.
  • In this step, you need to change your initial password. Please follow the password rules. Click on the “Change Password” button.
  • Once your password has been changed, you will need to select 5 questions and answer them. These answers will be used to retrieve the password later if you forget it.

View Pay Stubs in E-Stub

Pay stubs can be viewed by the following directions below:

  • Click on the “Current Pay Period” to view the current statement.
  • If you are looking for any previous pay stub, then click on “Statement History.”
  • Click on the printer icon to print a copy of your pay stub.

View W2s in E-Stub

 W2 form can be viewed in the W2 History tab. The W2 History tab only shows you if you have a posted W2. However, I suggest you link your email ID to the account, as you will get notifications as soon as posted your w2. It’s precisely like printing a pay stub. If you click on the print button, it will take the print command if the printer is set. You can also download it in PDF format. It can be used at any time, like the original copy.


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