Broward Schools Pay stubs & W2s

How to Access Broward Schools Pay stubs and W2s Online?

Modern education is learner-centered, where the education system is designed so that all students can learn according to their needs, abilities, and interests. One of the purposes of modern education is to help students acquire knowledge. Broward County Public Schools is almost eleven decades old in the field of education in America. Still, it prepares students for tomorrow’s advanced world through modern teaching methods. The institution is committed to reaching the highest potential of students from 170 countries who speak 147 languages studying in this diverse school district. This fully accredited school system in Broward County, Florida, USA, has three hundred and thirty schools employing over thirty-four thousand full- and part-time employees. Employee Self-Service Portal is connected to the ERP website or SAP NetWeaver Portal to ensure the correct and timely salary of this large number of Broward County Public Schools employees according to federal, state, and district instructions. Employees can access their payroll resources or Pay Stubs and W2 Statements from this Self-Service Portal. The Payroll Department of this county’s only school district is always committed to providing excellent service to employees to improve business practices.

Access Your Broward Schools Pay & Tax Statements at Employee Self-Service on the SAP NetWeaver Portal

  • Developed with the Lean Six Sigma framework, this Employee Self-Service Portal has digitized all Broward County Public Schools Human Resources and Payroll Department processes. After recruitment, the employees are provided the access link along with the User ID and Password of the Employee Self-Service Portal. Visit the access link ( through your computer device, input your User ID and Password in the relevant fields and click on the “Log On” button. Then you click on the “Employee Self Service” tab from the welcome screen of the ERP Website or SAP NetWeaver Portal and reach your portal dashboard.
  • After logging in for the first time, your first task is to elect Opt-In to receive your Online W-2 form. To do this, click on the “Payment” option from the Employee Self-Service dashboard and then navigate to the “Online W-2 Opt-in or Opt-out” link. Expand the details by clicking on “Elect for School Board of Broward County” after clicking on “New Election” here. In “Election Details,” there are two options, “Receive W-2 in Paper” and “Receive W-2 Online,” where once you select your choice, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. Clicking on the “OK” button will confirm your Selection, and you will be shown a confirmation message on display. Every year a specific deadline for Selection is notified to the employees, and the Selection must complete within that deadline. Once the deadline has passed, you cannot make any changes, as your W2 Statements will begin processing.
  • View Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: Your Pay Stub will be updated two days before the pay date in the “Salary Statement” link of the “Employee Self Service” tab. Those selected “Receive W-2 Online” can find their electronic W2 Statements at the “W2 Online Earnings Tax Statements” link below; otherwise, a print copy will be delivered to the respective work location. A paper copy will be sent to the home address of inactive, separated, substitute, and temporary employees.
  • Note: Users can only access this Employee Self-Service Portal from anywhere in the United States, and it may be closed due to maintenance for a definite period at the end of the third week of every month.
  • Help: Please comment below having any issues or concerns regarding the Payroll or W2 Statement. However, for payroll issues, please call Sharmila Laljie at (754-321-2450) or fax at (754-321-2478). And in the case of the W2 Statement, email the Payroll Department at this email address (

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