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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., established in 1945, is a prominent American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer with its headquarters in Arcadia, Wisconsin. Owned by Ron and Todd Wanek, Ashley operates as the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States and ranks among the world’s largest. Renowned for its expansive product offerings, Ashley distributes furniture globally, reaching retail partners in 155 countries. Distribution is executed through two main channels: over 700 independently operated Ashley Furniture HomeStore retail stores and independent furniture dealers, covering regions including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Central America, and Japan. Manufacturing and distribution services are strategically located in various U.S. states and international locations, including China and Vietnam. Guided by a commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction from design to delivery, Ashley envisions itself as the Best Home Furnishings Company, striving to continually enhance quality, reduce costs, expand business, maintain profitability, and sustain its industry presence. Ashley Furniture has introduced a digital platform, Your Self Service (YSS), and its mobile counterpart, the Infor Go App, designed to streamline employee interactions and management. The YSS portal and app facilitate direct deposit account setup, time-off requests, and password changes, among other features (pay stubs and w2 portal link), all to enhance user-friendly experiences for Ashley Furniture employees.

Additionally, the portal conveniently provides two external links: one to My Ashley World (also known as Ultipro ESS) and another to the ADP Self-Service Portal. My Ashley World primarily serves hourly employees, distributing pay stubs and tax forms, while the ADP portal fulfills similar functions for salaried employees. This initiative underscores Ashley Furniture’s commitment to integrating technology to foster simplified, efficient, and secure employee management and communication.

How Salaried Employees Can Access Ashley Furniture Pay Stubs & W2s?

Ashley Furniture has introduced a streamlined process allowing salaried employees to access their pay stubs and W2 statements easily. This article will lead you to retrieve these essential documents, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for all employees.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Beginning Your Journey: Head over to the YSS website at Alternatively, employees can utilize the Infor Go app for mobile access to YSS. Upon landing on the YSS page, you’ll need to log in using either your cloud identities or Ashley email. Afterward, selecting the “Salaried PayChecks” quick link will redirect you to the ADP login page.
  • For Former Employees: If you’ve previously worked with Ashley Furniture and no longer have access to YSS, you can directly visit the ADP self-service portal at
  • Logging into ADP: Once on the ADP portal, input your user credentials. New users should opt for the “Create Account” link. ADP has ensured that the registration process remains intuitive, guiding you through the necessary steps to associate your account with Ashley Furniture.
  • Your Identification: Click on “Find Me” or, if you have a registration code, select the “I Have a Registration Code” option.
  • Providing Personal Information: Enter the personal details you’ve shared with Ashley Furniture. This could be your email or mobile number. Subsequently, verify your identity using a government-issued ID or your Employee/Associate ID and date of birth. Note that the options presented might slightly differ based on your profile.
  • Verification: A verification code will be dispatched to your designated email or mobile number upon submitting your details. Please enter this code to advance to the next step. Should you need to utilize an alternate method, a new phone number can also be employed for verification purposes.
  • Updating Contact Details: Ensure you provide a frequently used email and mobile number. This ensures timely account notifications and aids in identity confirmation.
  • Accessing Your Documents: Post registration, use your user ID and password to sign in. Navigate to the “Pay” menu on the ADP dashboard to view your current pay stub, review previous pay statements, and access your W2 statements. If electronic copies aren’t available, switch to electronic delivery by selecting the “Go Paperless” option under the “Pay” menu.
  • Additional Help: Should you encounter any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the HR department at 1 (662) 489-5655.

Accessing Pay Stub & W2 for Hourly Employees at Ashley Furniture

Navigating the financial landscape as an hourly employee at Ashley Furniture has become much simpler. The company offers access to pay stubs and tax forms through the Ultipro Self-Service Portal, colloquially known as “My Ashley World.” Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing this crucial information:

Steps to Access Your Pay and Tax Information:

  • Starting Off: Visit the YSS website at Alternatively, for mobile users, the Infor Go app provides a seamless experience. Once you’ve reached the YSS homepage, sign in using the provided options, like cloud identities or Ashley’s email. Afterward, select the “Hourly PayChecks” quick link, which will lead you to My Ashley World’s login page.
  • For Previous Employees: Former employees who don’t have access to YSS can directly head to the Ultipro portal at
  • Initial Account Setup: If it’s your first time accessing MyAshleyWorld, you’ll use a default username and password. Here’s how:
    • Default username: Prefix ‘AF’ followed by your 6-digit employee number (e.g., AF123456).
    • Default password: Combine your birthdate in the format (mmddyyyy) and the last four digits of your SSN (e.g., 010119901234).
  • Customizing Credentials: Once you’re in, you’ll be prompted to create a unique password and set up a few security questions. Ensure they’re memorable but secure.
  • Navigating to Pay Information: After setting up, head over to the ‘Myself’ tab. There, you’ll find the ‘Pay History’ section, which archives your previous pay stubs.
  • Detailed Pay View: If you’re interested in a specific pay period, click on the corresponding ‘Pay Date.’ This action will pull up the detailed pay stub for that timeframe.
  • Safety First: Remember, after you’ve concluded your visit to MyAshleyWorld, ensure you log out. It’s a small step but crucial to maintaining the confidentiality of your financial data.
  • Help is at Hand: Should you run into any hurdles or have queries, don’t hesitate to ring up the HR department at 1 (662) 489-5655.

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