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Applebee’s Restaurants LLC; founded almost 40 years ago based on ethics as exceptional value and family fun. By this time, Applebee’s has been able to keep the standards according to its ethics and owned many awards like the Heart of the Workplace Award by people report, Top Performer in Management Retention Award, Excellence in Retention Award, Catalyst Award, etc. According to the Forbes magazine, Applebee’s is the best-managed company of the United States and Chain of the year was declared by the Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. Now-a-days Applebee’s is franchising and operating Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar Restaurants chain at almost 2000 locations in approximately 49 states and 15 countries across the world where more than 30000 humble employees are employed for ensuring the best services to the customers in a friendly, welcoming and neighborhood environment. All these employees are provided their pay stubs and w2 statements via UltiPro Payroll portal of Ultimate Software Company.

How to Login?

Normally, all the users of UltiPro payroll portal have a unique accessible URL for specific company. Applebee’s Restaurants LLC employees accessible URL is Visiting to the login page of UltiPro payroll portal with the link, employees can log in simply with inputting User Name and Password.

First time User? Complete Initial Login:

  • Visit the log in page of the portal with the provided link as
  • Input your User Name. Your User Name: First Name + Last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number) + @rmh. Example: Suppose your name is James Bond and SSN is 123456789 then your username will be jbond456789.
  • Input your Password. Your Initial Password for Initial Login is your Date of Birth following the format as MMDDYY. Example: Suppose, your birthdate is 15 February, 1985. So, Password: 02151985.
  • Click on Log In button.
  • Password changing Screen will be appeared because you have to change your initial password where instructions and password requirements will be provided by the system.
  • Challenge questions screen will be appeared on the screen and select & answer any 3 challenge questions from dropdown list one by one and click continue.
  • Finally you will get your dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen automatically on the screen. Your pay stubs and w2 or end year tax related documents is available now. Menu bar is located on left-top of the screen. Clicking on Menu you can get the main menu where you will find all personal and other information, documents and benefits.

From now, you can use your User Name and New Password for every time log in to the portal.

You can retrieve your forgotten password with Forgot Your Password? Link from the log in page. Here you have to provide your Username for getting help to reset your password or Username and Company access code for getting password reset link. Your company access code is available on HR department.


Disclaimer: Applebee’s, IHOP and their logos are the trademarks of the Dine Brands Global Inc.

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  1. Your instructions for username and password do not match your given examples. The manager at Applebees isnt responsive.
    What kind of organization is this? I guess a call to the NYS DOL is going to have to light a fire in order for me to get my payroll information.

    • Manuel Rodriguez  |  

      I find myself in the same boat. I can’t figure out how to access my payroll either as I tried both the expressed instructions and the example version. Nothing worked.

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