ACE Parking Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access ACE Parking Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Information stored in an organization plays a vital role in making the right decision at the right time. So it isn’t very pleasing that all the information about employees and officials is not collected correctly. The organization’s officers want to know the correct information about their work and the assurance of getting the value of their job correctly at the right time. Hence, the Human Resource Department will ensure that all the employees’ information is stored correctly through the versatile payroll software, which will develop the excellent morale of employees and officials. Because payroll software allows executives to instantly check the data they want, employees can access important information and documents like pay stubs and W2s. Human Resource Department is the bridging agent between the organization and the employees. So the Human Resource Department will always be committed to doing whatever is necessary to strengthen the bond between the organization and the employees. Standard payroll software may be the best choice to do this more effectively. ACE Parking, a consumer service industry company, has started using the web-based payroll software Ultipro Payroll Portal to revolutionize their mobility. All employees working at ACE Parking can easily access this portal from anywhere to manage their personal information and access pay stubs and w2s.

How to Access ACE Parking’s Ultipro portal?

Access to the Ultipro portal is through a direct sign-in process. For this, you will need a username and password. After your company hires you, the Human Resource or Payroll Department completes your registration process. Then you will be given a username, a default or initial password, and an access link to the portal from that specific department.

  • Initial Sign-in: Now, it’s time to sign in to your portal. The access link to the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal for employees of ACE Parking Company is You can access this portal using any device with an internet connection. Navigate to the sign-in page through the provided access link and click on the “Sign-in” button providing your username and default or initial password.
  • Change Initial or Default Password: After you sign in to the portal for the first time, change your default or initial password. The system will guide you with the necessary instructions, and you will follow the on-screen instructions correctly. Even how your password will be structured or how many characters there will be mentioned nicely on the screen. And from now on, use the newly created password to sign in to the portal.
  • Security Questions: After changing the password, the system will ask you to answer three security questions of your choice to strengthen the security of your account. Each question will have a dropdown menu to select from and an input box for answering below. Keep notes to remember the answers correctly. In the future, the system will ask these questions when resetting passwords or preventing unauthorized access.
  • Ultipro Home Page: The Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal home page will be displayed on the device screen. The home page will contain various news, announcements, instructions, hyperlinks, etc., related to ACE Parking.
  • Pay Stub & W2s: The portal’s home page header has a “Menu” on the leftmost side. By clicking on the “Menu” and going to the “MYSELF” page, all portal options, such as Personal, My Company, Jobs, Career & Education, Pay, Benefits, Enrollment, Document, etc., will be displayed. Under the “Pay” option, “Current Pay Statement” contains your pay stubs and “W-2” contains your W2s.

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