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Ricoh Employees: Ricoh has partnered with Equifax Corporation to give you the opportunity to receive your payroll information online with Paperless Pay. As result, your payroll information is available on the Paperless Pay self-service website, access through the internet. There are several significant advantage to access your payroll information thru Paperless Pay-
1. Instant and secure 24/7 online access to your pay stubs and w2s
2. Pay stubs are available for viewing prior to your pay day.
3. Similar to pay stubs, there is no waiting for the mail to arrive your W-2.
4. You can view pay stub and w2shistory, a minimum of three years of history is available.
5. You can choose the both email and phone notification option.
6. And much more!

How to access Paperless Pay
Access Paperless Pay by using the Employer code on Paperless Pay system which is 11384. Initially your login will consist of user ID which is your social security number without dashes and default PIN. You will be required to complete several steps as part of security enrollment and change your default password upon initial log on.

Employer code:
Ricoh employer code is 11384

Don’t have internet access?
If you don’t have internet access, you can check your payroll summery via IVR system. You will need your SSN and PIN and select an option.
Press 0 to speak with representative
Press 1 to review your pay stub
Press 4 to request for a fax copy
Press 5 to change your PIN number and
Press # to repeat the menu.


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